Les Paul Jr. Clone

This kit guitar from Saga was a joy to build and sounds great. I would highly recommend this manufacturer to the first time builder. It comes completely sanding sealed and even includes instructions! While the hardware is cheap, it is easily upgradable for the cost conscious builder.

The single P90 is very hot, so I put a set of nickel's on that mellow it out and sound terrific. Some setup was required including a neck shim, nut slot adjustments and some fret leveling. Otherwise is plays beautifully.

65 Ampeg

The Project

This guitar took approximately four months to complete. A completely new process was used to finish the guitar including air powered spray gun and Behlen Nitrocellulose Stringed Instrument Lacquer. This laquer is by far the best I've ever used. It sprays nice directly from the can or thinned, and cures very quickly. I also experimented with a new way to create headstock logos without doing an actual inlay that looks just as good as off the shelf Epiphones and Fenders.

Les Paul Jr.
New and improved logo!